"Choose TryTaped Recordings Limited for a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all your record production needs."


We offer top-notch professional recording services for artists and labels across various genres. Our state-of-the-art recording studios are equipped with high-quality audio recording equipment and experienced engineers to ensure a flawless recording process. Whether you're a solo artist looking to create a demo or a label ready to lay down tracks for an album, our team is dedicated to capturing the essence of your music with precision and clarity.

Our custom music production services cater to those looking for tailored compositions, arrangements, and production that align with their artistic goals. Whether you're seeking original music for commercials, film, or your next album, our team of experienced composers and producers collaborate closely with you to bring your creative concepts to life. From concept development to the final product, we provide a personalized music production experience.

Our mixing services at TryTaped Recordings Limited are designed to enhance the sonic quality and balance of your tracks. Our skilled audio engineers use state-of-the-art equipment and software to bring out the best in each individual element of your music. From adjusting levels and panning to applying creative effects and ensuring a cohesive sound, our professional mixing services are tailored to meet the specific needs and artistic vision of each project.




Our mastering services focus on the final polish that elevates your music to its fullest potential. TryTaped's mastering engineers utilize advanced techniques to ensure optimal clarity, depth, and consistency across all tracks in an album. By carefully fine-tuning elements such as EQ, compression, and stereo imaging, we bring a professional finish to your music, making it ready for distribution on various platforms while maintaining the integrity of your artistic intent.